It’s Not Personal, It’s Business {moving on up… outta my cube}

I’ve been feeling anxious this weekend about giving my 2 weeks at work. I know that it’s what I’m supposed to do- the timing is right, it’s been coming for a long time, and I feel confident that this is the right choice… but I keep thinking about what I’ll say, and how they’ll react. I keep thinking about that line in “You’ve Got Mail” that the Tom Hanks character tells the Meg Ryan character… It’s not personal, it’s business, It’s not personal, It’s business. I keep telling myself this.

Christina, you are not the first person to move on from a job!

Christina, you are not irreplaceable! They’ll be fine!

Christina, they won’t hate you!


The problem is, it is personal to me. I’m not a businesswoman. I think that’s one of the reasons I’m moving on from here, truthfully. I’m not a hardened business-lady. I’m not a knock-down drop-out cutthroat, getting the sale. It is personal to me. I feel bad that I’m leaving, and they’ll be left in the lurch. I feel bad that they’ve taken the time to train me, being patient with my struggles in this field of work. In general, I feel bad.

And I think what I’ve figured out is, you know, it is personal to me. I can be patient with the fact that I’m emotional going into this, because even though I don’t like it here, I have done my best and feel a loyalty to this company because it has been my job to do a good job here. And that is OK.

In church yesterday- the pastor gave a message that might as well have been just to me. Thank you Lord, for getting my behind to church yesterday! It was all about how when we follow God, it might not be all hearts and unicorns (my paraphrase)… there may be struggles. There may be times when we don’t understand his plan. With Joseph (that I wrote about here,) he had to wait something like 17 YEARS to see God’s plan in the whole sordid deal. This makes me feel a tiny bit {sarcasm} different about the situation I find myself in. For the most part, I DO see God’s hand in where he’s taking me. I am so thankful that he is showing me the light in front of my feet on this path! And the parts I don’t understand? Those parts that are difficult for me on this journey?

Well, then it’s time to reference these verses the pastor gave…

Psalm 9:10

1 Peter 5:7

John 15:4

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