Amor y Fe y Esperanza

In 2001 Pastor Jeony Ordoňez (who had been working with street kids in Tegucigalpa) went to the city dump to throw away his garbage with his young daughter, Chris.  They saw hundreds of kids, not much older than his five-year old daughter, sorting through garbage with their bare hands!

“Daddy,” his daughter urged him, “We need to pray for these children working in dump.” Ordonez agreed. Every day following the visit, his daughter reminded him of the children in the dump, urging him to do something. How can you ignore the voice of an innocent child? Or perhaps, “the voice of God?”

In 2004 the school “Amor, Fe, y Esperanza” was founded – a social action project of the church, “Amor y Vida” in the nearby community of Linda Miller. The school began under a tree in a nearby field. During the rainy season, class was contingent on the weather. Pastor Ordoñez used a home-school curriculum approved by the government and drafted more and more volunteer teachers as the numbers of students climbed.

From those early beginnings AFE now has two two-story school buildings and teaches around 150 children, in kindergarten through eighth grade. The grounds are in the process of construction and soon a cafeteria and vocational school will be completed.

AFE is a relatively new organization, but already making a difference in the lives of many


Here is the Amor y Fe y Esperanza (Love, Faith, and Hope) website:

My part in the whole scheme of things is really quite small. Last year, after hearing about this tremendous ministry, some of my colleagues and I organized an “Operation Christmas Child” type event for the 138 children at AFE at the time.

The result was a beautiful display of giving and receiving and much joy all around! We hope to do the same this year!

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