Art and Inspiration

Here I will share some of the people and websites and places that throw inspiration into my life like drops of sunlight. Sometimes, I am inspired to make art as a result and sometimes I am just drawn to appreciate their craft.

Enjoy! Use these links and check out some of the amazing creativity at your fingertips!

French Toast Girl
Tim Challies
How About Orange
Swiss Miss
The Search
Holiday at the Sea
Oh my! handmade goodness
Funky Art Queen
Thoughtfully Adorned

The Gospel Coalition
WORLD magazine
The Curator

Desiring God Ministries (Piper)
Francis Chan
Redeemer Presbyterian (Timothy Keller)
Ravi Zacharias
John Calvin
Dietrich Bonhoeffer
Kevin DeYoung
Paul Tripp
Jay E Adams

ARTSY things
The Art Press
Habanero Hour

Josh Garrels
Jon Foreman
Brooke Fraser
Mumford & Sons
Mates of State
Denison Witmer
Joy Williams
Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors
Sufjan Stevens
Bifrost Arts
Kyle Andrews
Ben + Vesper
Dr. Seahorse
John Mark McMillan
Jars of Clay

This stuff is LEGIT

5 thoughts on “Art and Inspiration

  1. GASP. GASP. RAvi. My Ravi. He is THE BESSST. I took classes at Westminster Seminary in PA when I lived a mile away while teaching GATE. I audited one with Paul Tripp. Interviewed his brother Tedd by phone (who guest-taught one night) for a paper on the Reformed perspective of religion in public schools. I attended Redeemer Church in NYC, my hometown, many times when I would visit from college at Univ of PA. Desiring God …..? I’ve heard Piper speak live twice.

    Oh, I am SO glad we connected.

      1. C, please confirm your username – for Tech Support. And did you rechk your dashboard settings to make sure you’re set for instant email delivery for My Table site (make sure it’s THAT blog of mine). Support is looking into why you didn’t get my Kale Chips recipe.

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