Pancake Mondays | the recipes

Here are some recipes for pancakes. It is super important to keep a few things in mind when starting your neighborhood pancake love campaign: classic pancakes are always okay (unfortunately, Aunt Jemima is not), toppings are essential, and getting creative is fun unless it stresses you out.

Check out some of these recipes I have used, but remember that I rarely end up with the actual recipe. I inevitably add, subtract, and substitute. So, feel free to put your own spins on these, friends.

Favorite toppings: toasted coconut, chocolate chips, whipped cream, fresh berries, powdered sugar, citrus zest.


Lemon Poppyseed Pancakes

Zucchini Corn Pancakes

Cinnamon Roll Pancakes

Key Lime Pancakes (or this recipe)

Standard Classic (always add cinnamon)

S’mores Pancakes


Boston Cream Pancakes with Chocolate Sauce and Raspberries

Apple Crisp Pancakes (I went for half heavy cream/half almond milk, carmelized some pecans with leftover streusel mix, cooked peaches on the stovetop, and made a creamy frosting drizzle. I also picked up some bourbon vanilla ice cream to dallop on top… but you can totally just stick to the recipe and it would still be awesome).

Chai Pancakes with Vanilla Custard and maple glaze
(For this recipe, I pulled from three different places – all linked above)

Egg Nog Pancakes with Rum Vanilla Whip and Rum Maple syrup
For Whip: add a dash of rum and vanilla when you add powdered sugar to your whipped heavy cream (don’t forget to blend until peaks form!).
For Syrup: start with Canadian Maple syrup add a dash of rum to taste, serve warm or cold

Lemon Zest Ricotta Pancakes with vanilla, nutmeg and maple syrup
Use this ricotta pancake recipe, with these changes: add 1 tsp vanilla to egg/milk/ricotta batter, zest half a lemon and fold into the completed batter before cooking / squeeze some juice as well, add 1 tsp nutmeg to the batter and reserve more for dusting on top.

Savory Corn Pancakes with white cheddar, rosemary and honey

Let me know of pancake recipes that you love. These are just the recipes I can remember, but I will keep adding so keep checking in!

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