Use the pull down menu to find out more about the ministries I was involved in while I lived in Tegucigalpa. By God’s grace, he allowed me to walk alongside some of the organizations that are responding to His call to love the broken. I was humbled by this opportunity because it meant understanding how to serve and follow instead of plan and lead. I was, in many cases, a relief for those who work tirelessly day in and day out with some of the most needy in the city.

I praise God for what these faithful few are doing and I hope that I can serve them in another small way by connecting you to their ministry. I no longer live in Honduras, but I continue to support these organizations prayerfully and financially.

Please be in prayer for these organizations and for the lives they touch every day!

3 thoughts on “Missions

  1. Hi Caroline! You are involved in some amazing projects and I am sure that you have seen God work right before your eyes…will you consider writing a story for The Daily Mustard?

    1. April,
      Thanks for your encouraging words and for the invitation to write for The Daily Mustard. I would love to!

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