why do we read the Bible?


What a beautiful encouragement from D.A. Carson as he answers the question, “Why read the Bible?”

If we are motivated by mere routine to open the Bible, we will not experience transformation and we will welcome a more merit-based salvation system. I struggle with this on a regular basis, so I’m thankful for these thoughts.



Links for your Saturday

Here is a smattering of things I’ve been collecting recently and wanting to share. Thoughts on discernment, illustrated fiction, and philosophy. I hope your Saturday is of the MOST beautiful variety!

This book is more than interesting to me. Has anyone else heard about it?

This media guide looks like something every family should have in their home.

This article by Andree Seu is just the right amount of uncomfortable in its discussion of Song of Solomon and our hesitancy to embrace it.

The unfortunate demise of the young mind, as illustrated by this comic.

This clip from D.A. Carson on the intolerance of post-modern tolerance is exactly the words I wish I could articulate.

This is a video clip from Fox News interview with Tim Keller talking about his new book King’s Cross. How encouraging to see someone speak so clearly on the indisputable Gospel – manifest in the life of Christ.

This is a book called Intentional Parenting, about family discipleship, that looks REAL good!

“The Church in a post-feminist world” … doesn’t the title just make you want to read it??

I LOVE this video!

This is a random mind buster that will stretch your mind, if you can figure it out! 🙂