making late night a great night

An old Diet Coke Can
oh my sweet DC why can't I resist you?

Late night in the field. I thought I would crash when I caught sight of my pillow… turns out a Diet Coke at 11 pm keeps me rocking it until right around 2 am.

I wanted to post this quote before I forgot. I think it gives us some needed perspective about hope. “Hope has to do with the knowledge of the age to come.” What, my friend, do you know of the coming age? If it gives you hope, go ahead and SHARE that with someone today!

Christian hope is not about wishing things will get better. It is not about hoping that emptiness will go away, meaning return, and life will be stripped of its uncertainties, aches, and anxieties. Nor does it have anything to do with techniques for improving fallen human life, be those therapeutic, spiritual, or even religious.


Hope has to do with the knowledge of ‘the age to come.’ This redemption is already penetrating ‘this age.’ The sin, death, and meaninglessness of the one age are being transformed by the righteousness, life and meaning of the other. What has emptied out life, what has scarred and blackened it, is being displaced by what is rejuvenating and transforming it.


More than that, hope is hope because it knows it has become part of a realm, a kingdom, that endures. It knows that evil is doomed, that it will be banished. This kind of hope has left behind it the ship of ‘this age,’ which is sinking.

– David F. Wells

What a blessed hope we have! In the moments before I slip into dreamland, I’m loving this song by Sojourn Music.