Counting my blessings!

When I posted “back from hiatus,” I should have said “update from hiatus” because for the past week I never really got back into the habit of posting. With crafts up to my knees in my bedroom, a long weekend of fellowship, and various other distractions (not to mention a soul in need of a little mending), blogging didn’t top my list.

Now, I find myself with too many things to share. I’ll start by saying I’ve eaten green bean casserole leftovers twice this week. Delicious.

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To be honest, one of my favorite parts of this past thanksgiving weekend was an impromptu singing of the hymn “Count Your Many Blessings” around the thanksgiving table with my makeshift family. We all stood around a table of goodies with our own thanksgiving traditions tucked away in our minds, but when we broke out in song I’m sure the joy burst out from my face.

The next day, starting at 10 am, I started preparing for my own thanksgiving feast. From homemade honey whole wheat bread to green bean casserole to mashed potatoes to turkey to baked apples and (of course) mini pumpkin pies, it was certainly a feast. After the last lovely lady left (after 11), I sat finishing up the pumpkin carving with foil in my hair (funny how older girls still like to play “salon”) and a mountain of dishes in the sink. I can’t explain how wonderfully adult it felt to package up the leftovers of the thanksgiving feast. It’s like breaking out the extra baskets of bread leftover after the feeding of the five thousand… the blessing of the feast just keeps giving!

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I’m not sure if I shared the right thing just now… but I hope that what you hear is how beautifully blessed I felt. I praise God for the way community can form in unlikely places to build up and encourage in a way unique to our Christian bond.

It’s December 1st. Can you believe it? I’m so tempted to write a long list of ways I am failing and behind and unproductive and misguided these days, but I will refrain.

Instead, I will say that today it felt good to

let LOVE fly like cRaZy

in this beautiful season of expectation.