Saturday CLICKS

I’m trying to take it easy this morning… gathering last minute details, watching a sermon, getting a workout in, and some intentional time set apart for reading after my bags have been packed for the week. So, instead of writing a monstrous post about last-day preparations for the mission trip next week, I just wanted to post some links. Have at it and enjoy your Saturday!!

Most typical person – I am still not sure how I found this, but it was interesting to read. Somehow, the National Geographic has come up with the “most typical person” … but they project this person will change in the next few years. Apparently, he will be from India instead of China.

Libya and migrant workers – I am trying to keep up on the conflict in Africa, but with every news story I just feel more frustrated or sad or helpless. This is an article about the migrant workers who have no place to go (because they likely fled a country where they were in danger).

Keller on the Importance of Hell – Of all the posts that are flying around about Rob Bell’s new book, there are many I would suggest. I like Keller’s writing because I think it stands solely on the Word. He very reasonably and calmly lays out the importance of hell in the Gospel message and Who says it is important.

Newest Late Night Snack – This is just random… apparently Ben and Jerry’s unveiled a new ice cream flavor in honor of Jimmy Fallon’s late night show spot. Get this: it has potato chips in/on it! They have heard the desperate cries of those who can’t choose between salty and sweet! Haha.

Adjustment Bureau review – I just appreciated this review of an upcoming movie. I don’t see a lot of films, but I like to think critically about them when I do.

Reviews of Children’s books – This is such a cool site that helps us weed through the massive amounts of children’s literature these days. I am not a teacher, but I hope to be a very aware mom someday. I think I’ll be using this site a lot!

PJ Cockrell writes about Keller’s book, “King’s Cross” – How many times have you gone to church and walked out with a good helping of moral advice? That’s the problem… Keller says the Gospel is not advice – it’s NEWS. Partly because I wish I was reading this book and partly because I love where Cockrell takes his thoughts, I really appreciated this post.

Gospel Coalition Conference 2011 – I am really, really struggling with how much I want to go to this conference. I scrounged to find cheap tickets and now I’m at the pros/cons place of decision-making and I don’t know where I’ll end up with that. All I know is, this is going to be unbelievable! 70+ speakers of the highest quality, a hymn sing from some of the best musicians, and two additional seminars (one on hell and the other on being missional in cities)… this is an event I want to be a part of!!

alright now,

let LOVE fly like cRaZy!