keep your heart young


Just do it.
No, seriously, just keep your heart young.

Today, I’m celebrating so many things:
Dia de Independencia with my Honduran family and friends,
Iowa State football (expected) victory
my Dad’s birthday
tailgating with friends and family
the changing colors of falling leaves
pumpkin cake with cream cheese frosting
bike rides
cardinal red and gold

And, I’m remembering all the ways Jesus encouraged the disciples to be like children – to blurt things out and come to Him messy, injured, and out of breath. Children are precocious little bugars, but they don’t mess around with pretense. And I think this is why they can delight in the wonderful, little things and be so transparent about their tantrums. They’ve got nothing to hide – and they’ll tell it like it really is.

This is a young heart. And I’d like to keep mine that way.


a new start

Today was game day and I woke up at 6 am with my game face on.

Pumped. Excited. Ready. I’m living in the states now and football is one enormously beautiful perk I don’t want to miss out on.

The Iowa State football season opener was packed out with fans in cardinal red and gold, cheering with full lungs at 120 yards of athletic magic. Here’s a little slice of that sweet, homegrown pie:

Sharing a slice of this red and gold pie with family and new friends is what new starts is all about. Maybe today, the start of football season, was just that. Maybe Sept 1 is a new start.