the fall of Prince Myshkin

He did fall quite literally. But, I don’t see how he could be anything but elevated as a result of his conviction and love for the broken. Yet, as I read now, he is the brunt of gossip and turned-up noses. Without the slightest ill intention, Prince Myshkin watched in horror as his future unfolded in the angry conversation of two women.

Corruption fell upon the ‘upper crust of Russian society’ and Myshkin had not a hint of hesitation – he would stand in for a crazed, deceitful, and broken woman. He would suffer and sacrifice on her account, though he would gain nothing and lose the love of his life.

This story is no less captivating on page 527 than when I began. The way Prince Myshkin receives and comforts this battered woman is almost like an adoption.

Tonight the message at the gathering was about adoption. We looked at Paul’s letter to the church in Galatia… his words to remember our place. We are, through Christ, made sons and daughters of a holy and eternal family. Not only do we experience redemption and cleansing from our sins, but we also have an inheritance. We are heirs to the greatest, most substantial estate ever there was.

I was pondering on these things. I was thinking about adoption and how I understand a child to become part of a family where s/he was once a stranger. But, I realized our heavenly adoption is of severely greater consequence. God wanted us to be a part of his family so bad that he was willing to pay any cost. He sacrificed his own son so that he could call us his children. What family do you know that would sacrifice one of their own to rescue even one orphan child? Only God has this capacity to love.

So, I’m eager to turn the pages and see the fate of dear Myshkin. Though I’m just sure he will be shunned by friend and foe alike, I am rooting for this underdog. He did exactly what was ill-suited, in poor taste, lowly, and base in the world’s eyes. He made himself nothing.

How will I appear base to the world?

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