Thinking Thoughts

I was just browsing today and stumbled upon the L’abri Newsletter. I wondered why I hadn’t subscribed. Then I remembered how difficult it is to trudge through the newsletters, magazines, and updates I already get in my inbox.

Well, I read it anyway and I’m glad I did. I was reminded of the subtleties of deception in this world. Almost imperceptible are the lies, but of such severe consequence! The ministry of L’abri was born out of a desire to meet the hard questions of faith with answers that satisfy the soul. Francis and Edith Schaeffer began in the 1950s and there are now eight study centers! This quote from Francis Schaeffer explains exactly my awe of beauty and creativity.

How beautiful God must be! And what a special gift Fyodor Dostoevsky possessed, to create the closest I’ve read to pure beauty.

“The Idiot” ended without flair. I finished this past week, but without ceremony. Usually when I turn the last page I feel some emotion strongly, but for this novel I was content to see the words wander off the page. For the life of such a splendid man to trail off in a severely unsplendid way seems unfair. But there was beauty in the unsplendid-ness.

This masterpiece deserves much more than my waning attention and energy and I will have to postpone a full report.

The Texas sunshine today, with bright children, friends, and a baby shower has “plum-tuckered” me out!

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