Registry Snob: Bridal DIY to the Rescue!

GUEST POST by my sister Christina! Enjoy her tips for wedding shopping (mostly making!)

Just got back from a weekend in my hometown, for BFF Meg’s wedding shower. I am so thrilled for her and her fiance, Chad.

…That being said, bridal showers aren’t a particularly good time, but I love my friend dearly and am happy to usher her into marriage with my gifts. Problem is- I’m a registry snob. People who know me well know that I hate to buy gifts from lists, and weddings are no exception. I want the freedom to buy or make, something that I am excited to give the people I love! So I never go from the registry… instead, I DIY (For those who aren’t familiar with crafty jargon, that means Do-It-Yourself :).

For Megan’s shower, I looked up her kitchen colors on the BB & Beyond website, and used those colors to make an apron made with vintage rick-rack and fabrics. Now she has a handmade, vintage gift made with love from her bestie. What could be better?

(DIY presents are also great for people on a tight budget. People who work for non-profits or ministries can gain much from learning how to make their own gifts.)

Here are some links to help you DIY for your own bridal gifts.

Pot holders
Use vintage fabrics to make this really one-of-a-kind. Try and match the colors they’re using in their kitchen- the registry is helpful for this!

Stylized house number
If you know where your friends will be living, and that they’ll be living there for a while

Fabric-covered thumbtacks
I don’t know that this is especially Bridal-showery, but would make a great gift none-the-less 

Button Notecards
this would be great to use with vintage buttons purchased at a garage or estate sale! I like to give cute thank- you cards to brides-to-be, since they’ll be writing a lot!

Oven mitt
Make 4 of these, and she’ll love you forever!

I made two aprons this weekend, and they are so easy! I didn’t make this tea towel one, but it looks pretty easy.

Rubber Stamp
Could make monogrammed-style (his first initial, initial of new last name, her first initial.)

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