Preparation, Packing, and Peril

Okay, so I couldn’t think of another “p” word, so I just used peril. .. I thought it would give this post an illusive, mysterious tone (completely undeserved as you’ll soon find out).

I’ve been running around like a crazy fool lately, trying to get ready for my most Southern move yet. Per instructions from my future employer, all my things must fit in boxes equaling no more than 30 cubic feet, specifically labeled and every item inventoried (so that it can make it past the x-ray machine). This has led to an all-out inventory of all my belongings, which has been quite the ordeal. It didn’t take me more than a night and a half (which thrilled my inner-minimalist), but still, to look at everything on paper is kind of sick. I have so much stuff.

Here’s a picture of my packing thus far:

I packed the bedspread and pillows right off my bed!

In other preparation news, I have been spending some decent time in patchwork Spanish conversations with my housemate and her guests from Colombia. The 8-year-old Paula just laughs and shakes her head when my efforts frustrate her.

I’m also trying to study the psychology text I’ll be using. I have the unfortunate tendency to get way ahead of myself, planning activities before I fully read the content.

Well, this must be short. The only peril I face right now is fitting everything in! Today and tomorrow my office is getting painted and I can’t be in there for the fumes. Tomorrow I’m having a morning worship service at Mt. Bunnell with my friend Joy and then going to Fiesta Texas with Adela, Losmarina, and Paula in the afternoon. I’m gearing up for a long day.

If you’re interested in my adventure in Tegucigalpa and want to follow along in my journey, I do have a website: Adventures in Tegucigalpa. Don’t expect anything spectacular, or even ordinary. I just wanted to make information about background, updates, PDF newsletters, pictures, and other interesting tidbits available for those who were interested.

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