Weekly Lineup

We hope you liked last week’s posts – we are having so much fun letting out some of our creative bursts and philosophical ramblings for others to see! This is a week for ch ch changes for both Christina and me, so we are going to post around that as a central theme. We are overwhelmed with both stresses and blessings, but we know our hope is secure in the Lord – and PRAISE the LORD for that!

Check out this week’s lineup and read each day to keep up with all the changin’!  

Moving on up… out of my cube
To say Christina is in the middle of a transition is a bit of an understatement. There is a LOT moving and shaking in her life, so read about how she is staying grounded and where she is finding joy.  

Moving on out… from my new favorite city
Almost exactly one year ago, I made the Southern trek and days after connected with Katelin, who led me to meet my core group of Austin friends. I jumped in without hesitation and now, a year later, I am saying some emotional goodbyes. In a rare center stage moment, I convinced my community group to have a talent show instead of a farewell party! Read about all my mixed emotions…  

Election: Who to choose when neither seems right
Okay, so we’ve been teasing you with this whole election idea for a couple weeks now and have not delivered. Apologies all around! It’s just that, politics isn’t the first or easiest thing for us to write about. But, the thing is, we want to be informed and we want to encourage others to be informed as well.  

Labeling my life one box at a time: The making of a minimalist
I own one tube of insect repellent. I own one bottle of Tums. I own nineteen necklaces. That’s right – I am taking inventory of everything I own. The original motive was mandatory – so my packages would pass the x-ray screenings on their way to Honduras. But, now I’m finding conviction and liberation in knowing just what I’ve collected and stored over this year.  

The Simple Life: Clearing out the clutter
Christina is always great with new ideas, but this one is a must-read. Her latest project – getting rid of half her stuff – sounds a little more intense. And it is. Christina is getting serious about the clutter in her life, and she’s starting with clothes. One pile for ‘keep’. One pile for ‘give away’. And one pile for ‘ask a fashion-conscious friend’ (probably not her sister Caroline!).

I think that should about do it. No guarantees on these posts, folks. We are admitting from the get-go of this week that our limits are creeping up fast. But enjoy what you find!

As always, feel free to comment or email – we’d love to hear from you!

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