it’s all about the people

So, I had long-winded, philosophical thoughts about taking inventory of my life… about how I am sending four boxes with 336 items to Honduras, including three throw pillows, three pairs of jeans, one box of tea, one highlighter, and one bottle of ibuprofen. I was going to talk about the sobering effect of counting each necklace and trinket and dress. I was probably going to end up in a rant about how we need so little, but accumulate so much.

But, after last night all I really want to do is talk about my friends Ingrid and Oliver who helped me pack last night.

They are not just some of the greatest neighbors I’ve ever had, but they also remind me about the simplicity of life. Last night, as I sat next to Ingrid eating delicious brownies with ice cream, she turned to me and said, “I really love you very much!”

Out of the blue, just like that. It was hard to answer all the questions about my leaving. ‘Why’ Is such a hard thing to understand and make sense of. I felt a little better when I set up their skype account so that we could talk through our computers, but when Ingrid and Oliver jumped in my car to say, “We will just travel with you!” I was a bit overwhelmed.

I guess if I really want to bring it back around to my inventory, last night just reminded me all the more that my ‘stuff’ has no imprint… it’s all about the people. That’s about as minimal as you can get.

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