The Fast-paced Life of the Country

Some people think cities are lightspeeds ahead when it comes to busy routines, commitments, and straight up activity. In a lot of ways, I have to agree. But, in the few days I’ve been home I have to say these country folk will put up a solid fight, more than they’re given credit!

I stayed with my grandparents last night, thinking we’d have a quiet relaxing evening bird-watching .. and when I pulled up at 8 pm, my grandpa was blowing out the mosquito zapper and my grandma was hard at work cutting the iris’s.

Earlier in the day, my gram had come to our house to help paint our living room and my grandpa woke up at 4 am to unload the truck at the Care Center. I can hardly seem to keep track of the days around here – people are zipping everywhere and knee-deep in numerous projects.

It’s crazy!

When we finally sat down last night, gram explained her schedule during the school year, when she drives the school van to pick up pre-schoolers. She barely has time for a 15 minute nap in the middle of the day – yowza!

My parents are the same way – remodeling, service projects, church commitments… and last night my dad was helping some neighborhood kids who wanted to show feeder calves. This makes my perspective from Austin a little funny, now that I think about it. I would call or email from my desk and ask a question and my mother would be traipsing about the countryside or in the middle of hauling shingles with the loader. (!)

In some ways, I seem to fit right in … and in others I seem a strange puzzle piece. But of this I am sure: people do know how to keep busy around here!

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