Times are a’ changin…

(by Christina)

I’m listening to the newest episode of the Boundless show , the online radio show of Boundless, the young adult version of Focus on the Family.

This week’s episode talks a lot about friendships changing as people get married, have babies, etc. Has me feeling a little sad… as BF #2 gets married next week (SO EXCITING!) and BF#2 will be in town with her baby. (you know, him?)

Makes me think of that part in PS I love you where all 3 girls are on the boat, and one girl is pregant, one is engaged, and the Hilary Swank character is kind of like, uh, great? I was telling my mom after the movie that this part rang true for me and she said “um, except that girl just lost her husband.” Uh, Good point mom 🙂

And you know what? It has been tough. I think all 3 of us would agree that some of the changes in our lives have been tough to weather together. But we’ve weathered them. Have we had to adjust our expectations? Definitely. Have we had to realize there are some things we can’t really talk about? Sure. But God has blessed us with each other, close to this day.

Still feeling tinge of sadness, though, to be losing my partner in crime to marriage, and the changes it will bring. ~sigh~

Walk down memory lane- Tina’s marriage a few years ago!

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