Okay… many of you know that life has been more than crazy lately – for Christina and I. Tonight finds me in heated preparation of the beginning of a school year. Tomorrow, we have our first day of school and tonight most of the teachers wandered out of classrooms at 7 or 8 o’clock, looking a bit weathered.

But, as I sit with my roommates tonight, we are marveling … because we are teaching with Truth in mind. We have the opportunity to reach out to each and every student, unashamedly presenting Scripture as part of our lesson plans! I know and have heard about the struggles other teachers are facing in public schools everywhere – so I’m cherishing this gift of freedom!

We have set aside time to praise and pray tonight… for the school, the students, the leadership, and for our own words – that they may be pleasing to God.

Pray with us for this year at Pinares – that God’s love and light will reach each student and beyond to the community.

Buenos Noches!

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