Mission Trip RE: cap [Installment 1]

Our group of PreK- 2nd graders!!

We’re back!
Actually, we’ve been back for a few weeks… we were gone from the 1st- 10th I believe, a jam-packed week and a half, full of driving, teaching, working, sleeping, and spreading the Good News.

When we got down to the Navajo reservation in NM after 20 hours of straight driving, we had a meeting at a Chinese buffet (Will’s suggestion 🙂 ) to talk about the week ahead. This mission trip was very different than other mission trips I’d been on in the past in that we had to roll with the punches in a million new ways.

We found out what groups we’d be teaching on the drive down. We got the materials for teaching when we arrived. We didn’t really know how many workers there would be until we arrived, either, so we were glad to see that small groups had come from IL and CO to help run the VBS.

All in all, though, we had 20 workers where there are normally 40-50. It was pretty insurmountable. So even from the very beginning, we were relying on God for every step. It was scary, but also awesome, relying on God this way. Trusting him for every next word to our little students. And working so hard each day with them that you fell into bed each night so exhausted, but fulfilled that you gave a good day of work to the Lord, and to his Navajo children.

I’ll write more later today- I’m late to head off to spend the day with Ruth Ann and Roman.

One thought on “Mission Trip RE: cap [Installment 1]

  1. I was SO glad you came to hang out with us today! Sorry I didn’t really get to say goodbye! 😦 I wanted to thank you so much again for all the great gifts you give to Roman! He is a lucky little guy to have you in his life! You are such an incredible blessing in my life…just can’t say how much I love you! I’m excited to read more about the mission trip!

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