Tankers, Helicopters, and Cruise Ships sent to save me

Today I woke up waiting for a call from an employer. Seems I’ve been in this place for 2 months now- waiting. Waiting and praying and believing that God will provide, but also wondering how long do I wait before I have to move towards another option? I’m in that place again. Somewhat frustrating to be here still, since August is coming to a close soon.

It’s hard to figure out the place where believing in His ability to provide for you, and moving forward. Because you don’t want to try and take over for Him who is obviously in control, but also, as our Mom says, “God doesn’t drive parked cars.”
Sidenote- of course, this isn’t exactly theologically correct, because of course if God wanted to, he could drive a parked car. But I digress.
Meaning that we as Christians can’t just sit around thinking, “Well, if it’s God’s will, it will happen.” So, what do you do? I’m mainly doing a mixture of praying a lot, believing that God will provide, looking at my bank account a lot and budgeting like crazy so that the money I’ve saved will last me, and looking into different temporary PT job options.

My good friend Annie told me a story while we were on the mission trip. It’s about a guy who was stranded out in the sea. He was a faithful man, so he prayed, believing that God would save him. He prayed and prayed, and soon a tanker came near. The driver yelled to see if the man would like a ride. The man said “No, I’m waiting on God to save me.” Then a helicopter came by the next day, and shouted down to get the man on board to safety. The man had the same reply- “No thanks, I’m waiting on God to save me.” Then the next day, a cruise ship filled with vacationers came by and asked the same question- Sir, we’ve come to save you, get on board! He had the same reply, “No thank you! I’m a faithful man, and, I’m waiting on God to save me.” The next day the man died, and when he met God, he asked him frustratingly, “God, why didn’t you save me?” And God says back, ” I TRIED TO! I sent a tanker, a helicopter, and a cruise ship!”

Anyway, So I guess what I’ve decided to do is pray, believe, and look for the little ways God’s sending me help in the meantime. Which he is! Praise God, he’s been so good to provide for my needs by sending me jobs out of the woodwork! And I’m trying to trust him with the BIG things too, like the 3rd interview I have tomorrow, with an establishment that just might be the absolute perfect job for me. Actually, more than trying, I’m praying that he’ll take every worry out of my hands and my anxious heart, and not let me have it back! And he is good, he is good to take care of me. What a great God we serve!

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