Books and Rainy Days

Not to steal any thunder from Christina… I am waiting with anticipation to see what this mysterious graphic might represent… (just kidding I already know – you don’t think she’d make me wait with the rest of you, do you?)

In the meantime, I’ll give you something good to chew on: literature. I know you might prefer chocolate or tres leches cake or (insert scrumptious saturday afternoon treat). But today the treat are the two books I’m reading: The Man Who Was Thursday and The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency. In the past, I’ve referred to my love for books like some people’s love for chocolate, except I’m completely convinced it’s much healthier (I’ve tried the chocolate thing many times).

Anyway, back to the present. These two books I’m eating (I mean reading. I literally just wrote that without thinking!!!) are so very different. The former is written by G.K. Chesterton and it follows a man in his nightmare of fighting anarchy while an undercover anarchist. The latter is about a clever African woman who set up the first (and probably only) ladies’ detective agency in Botswana after her father passed away and left over 200 head of cattle as her inheritance.

I picked up the detective book because my counterpart at the school brought two books along to read while we waited for parents at Open House this past Friday. I gratefully jumped into the fiction and will probably finish tonight or tomorrow. The book is part of a series I’ve heard recommended often, so maybe I’ll get into that.

Chesterton’s book, well, it’s severely deep. I somehow picked up the annotated version, which makes it both interesting and annoying (do I really need to find out – when Ludgate Hill is mentioned – that someone edited his periodical at an office there?). In any case, I think I’m getting a much more distinct landscape than I would otherwise. I’m trying to piece together underlying theological meanings along the way and I’m glad to discover in the annotations that others are equally confused.

I am half-way through each book, grateful for days like this one where the rain drowns out the music and leaves me with the words.

Mmm. Delicious!

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