Weekly Lineup

Hello folks!

We hope you read last week, because we are back at blogging – full force. This week, we won’t disappoint, so anticipate some great posts.

Mystery Revealed
Find out what Christina is all excited about!!!

The Man Who Was Thursday
Take a closer look at this strange nightmare, written by theological great G.K. Chesterton. Maybe you can help me figure it out!

Design Lemons and Limes
Okay, so you’ve probably already figured out that Christina is the design whiz around here (when I say around I mean theoretically, because we’re obviously countries apart). But, that doesn’t mean I don’t try to spin a little creativity every once in awhile. Read about the great and not-so-great results!

Phase II
Read about Christina’s journey into this new territory (see previous post) – I guarantee it will be worth it!

Oh, yes, remember when we wanted to interview YOU. Well, apparently you don’t want to be interviewed. Well, we can respect that, but that doesn’t mean we have to stop asking. So, anyone? anyone?

Alright, expect some fun things to fill in the gaps. We are so excited and blessed to share the way God is moving and working in our lives. May all the glory be unto Him!

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