Farmers Market Pesto and Sin

So, just got back from the local farmers market with my Cousin and resident BFF, Crystal. We love frequenting the market and now it’s on my way home, and Iowa nights have been to die for lately, so I was excited to check it out after work. We stopped by a few of our fav stands- I came home with a sweet zucchini, sampled flavored honeys, and people watched for awhile, and jumped over to the pesto stand before we headed back to our cars. I LOVE their asiago artichoke pesto, so I spread a big ole glob on the wheat thin provided, and mmm it went down easy. As we walked away, I remembered… what I always remember when leaving the pesto stand. That the aftertaste of the pesto aint worth it. And I said to Crystal. Hmmm. The garden market pesto stand is kind of like sin. It goes down easy and delicious, but the aftertaste is horrible and it just lingers around. How profound!

Here’s to staying away from sin today and avoiding the lingering aftertaste!

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