Back to School…

You know this movie?

Well, it’s about a woman in her 20s that, for an undercover story for the newspaper she works at, has to go back to High School for a few months. She has to endure trying to be cool again, finding somewhere to sit at lunch, and all the other fun stuff high school has to offer.

Well, although unlike Josie, I had a pretty great high school experience, I feel a little like her today. For I am, today, stepping back into the world of high school. Well, I’m actually just stepping back into the world of high school lunch, which is equally scary, but anyhoo. The High School youth pastor, Jon, has been visiting the freshmen school for lunch every Wednesday, and this week he invited me to join him. I love the freshmen girls I lead in my group, so I of course said I’d love to. But now the day is here and I feel like I’m a kid on my first day of school. What if they don’t think I’m cool in a school setting? What if they pretend they don’t see me for fear I’ll grab their friends and force them through the Romans road?

Anyway, all this is just so uncharted. So wish me luck. I’m dorkily trying to decide what to wear to seem less uncool as I step back into the world of freshmen.

One thought on “Back to School…

  1. Take it from me- someone who goes to high school every day and not as a student–there is no way you are going to be cool. Just be yourself. High school kids can spot a poser a mile away. 🙂

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