Weekly Lineup

I know, I know – the lineup is supposed to come out at the beginning of the week to let you know what is coming up. Well, my apologies – it just didn’t happen. But, let’s move on.

This is a very critical time for both the country I live in presently and the country I most naturally call home. This week we will (and have) talk a bit about the US election on Nov. 4 and also the growing concerns for the flood-ridden Honduran countryside.

We – Christina and I – have been busy this past week, but then I guess this is a busy time of year. For that matter, our lives always seem quite full. I know we are no different than the 6 billion other people moving about the earth, in various states of frenzy. But, we like to give snapshots of our frenzy (and even sometimes when we slow down) and we suppose that since you’re here you don’t mind reading them. Enjoy this week, as it’s already well underway!

VOTE schmote
This week we may be posting little segments that have to do with the election. It seems much confusion shrouds the ballots this year – maybe more so than at other times in history. Regardless of the outcome of the election, we can say for certain the world is changing.

growing pains
Last week my posts were haphazard and tired. I am learning much in this journey and little of it right now is ‘self-esteem’ building. The painful process of being refined is never really something we stay up late dreaming about, but it will surely come if you are seeking the Lord.

Life of the Party

This is a follow up from last week. After the excitement of the fall party, I lost steam mid-week and wasn’t quite in the mood to be amusing. But, now I’ve got another anecdote to add (our apartment hip-hop dance class) which should just add to the laughter.

a penny for your thoughts
So, when Christina and I swap thoughts, we are regularly amused at how differently our minds work. Since I’m writing this lineup, I’m going to ask Christina to just share (at this exact moment) what’s on her mind. I’m not quite sure how this’ll work out, but hopefully she’ll be clever and witty (naturally).

Grab Bag
As always, look for things out of the ordinary!

ALSO – if anyone else is interested in an interview, let us know! We want to get to know our readers and we want people to get to know you! So, comment on this post and we’ll contact you. Be careful, we may just hunt you down if we think you’ve got something that needs sharing!!

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