24-7 prayer

Please, join me in prayer this week! Today marks the first day of a week my school is dedicating to 24-7 prayer. Championed by my friend (and asst. spiritual life director) Tiffany, this week is to be set apart for our bold commitment to be in constant communion for one week. We are praying in the ACTS method (Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, Supplication) and God has already been moving and shaking in our hearts.

The idea is new to the school – and very foreign to the students – but we really believe God will use this time for His purpose and glory! Join us this week in purposeful prayer. Here are a few things we are praying for:

-‘for the faith of a few’… God is calling Christian students at Pinares to rise up and act!
-for God’s daily guidance and providence
-for safety amidst treacherous weather

-more teachers (we still are struggling without a full staff in the high school and in the elementary)
-sickness (many staff have been seriously ill)
-the state of the country… with heavy flooding and mudslides, many families are struggling
-classrooms… that God’s presence would be known in each classroom and His truth seen

These are just a few. Thank you, mighty prayer warriors!

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