weekend inspiration

So, my roommates and I have long lamented our strange, bare, cement walls and dreamed of a paint makeover. All sorts of obstacles loomed in our way: getting the paint from the hardware store to the mountain without a car, explaining a vision for the color rust, recruiting everyone to see the same vision, finding the perfect color from 16 cheap choices to somehow fit the vision, carving out time to tear up our common space, being crazy enough to just do it.

Well, as you can see from these pictures, we somehow overcame every obstacle and right now are in the middle of the transformation.

If you are wondering why we are painting only to about 8 feet, it’s because we have not yet located a ladder and we thought a straight line would be nice until we can find one to finish.

The obstacle of being “crazy enough” … well, let’s just say that as the night progressed our craziness only increased, to the sounds of Relient K, Def Leppard, the Now and Then soundtrack, and Coldplay.

Halfway through our fume-filled evening, I noticed our countertop had accumulated a curious mixture: paint cans, spinach, grapes, 70% cocoa chocolate, half-drunk mug of tea, placemats, potholders, camera case. Also – what you don’t see – fresh pumpkin bread, and several multi-purpose tools.

Color two went on pretty well, until we realized we were painting with two different colors. Yes, that’s right. Apparently, in Honduras, you should never assume that two paint cans of the same label are actually the same paint. Things are just a bit different here.

But, we made do.

And, if you remember, way, way back when I wrote about buying fabric and being inspired…. well, it’s finally going to have an outlet! After we finish the coats of paint in the kitchen and living area, I’m going to do a little experiment inspired by Christina’s posts awhile back.

I’ll post the finish product for you to see!

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