Apartment C-3 Makeover


I would be lying if I said we were completely done with our little home makeover, but let’s just say we went from zero to 60 this weekend. Tonight at 10 pm I cleared as much as I could to take the final photos. I still have some creative touches to add, but here are some pictures of the past few days and the “final.”

This is the closest to “rust” we could find. Before we were finished, I’m pretty sure some of my joints actually rusted from overuse… is that possible?
My favorite Heather phrase from the past couple weeks, “I’m easy.” Now, don’t get the wrong idea… by “easy” she means that she could go along with anything. Like painting… she would walk in the room and say, “Put me in coach.” Umm… pretty awesome!

I’m not sure if this was Friday or Saturday night, but either way it was the last few strokes before we cleaned and crashed… as you can see from the excitement on my tired, painted, dirty face!

You might wonder if we got ANY paint on the walls.
We did, slowly but surely.
And then, we started looking around to see what else we could paint. These cabinets, which were so delightfully colored purple and blue, were a strange sight to greet a morning wanderer in search of breakfast in the morning… which is why we decided to mix a few colors to find chocolate brown. Who doesn’t like something chocolate?
We couldn’t leave the project without making our mark. So – here are the initials of the 2008 girls of apartment C-3.

So, remember on Saturday we were having a hard time locating a ladder? Well, I tracked one down. The only problem emerged when the ceiling was about another ladder’s worth high. Did that stop us? No. Neither did this cautionary sign on the top of the ladder. I think it’s more of a suggestion than anything.

This is the inspiration for our entire common space. I picked up this piece of fabric a LONG time ago in a scrap pile at the fabric store (which, as it turns out, is not any cheaper than the normal piles!) and they are now our kitchen curtains!

Here’s the piece where my creativity got a chance to run free. Since my roommates didn’t care, I let loose! I drew a tree on an overhead projector and then painted it right into our kitchen. I’ll add leaves eventually, but for now this is it.

I wish you could see the sweat on these walls! But, you CAN see the amazing, fabulous “wall words” now stuck to our living area wall. There really couldn’t be a more fitting verse for us to see every time we enter our apartment. Thanks, Shelli, for sending this great addition!

Well, there you have it. We’re almost done. A few touches… like a subtle hint that we’d like our furniture re-upholstered (or get slipcovers), curtains for the living and dining areas, and something to make those metal doors a little less… well, metal.

C-3 Makeover 2008

We spent way too much money on paint, laughed way too hard at very lame jokes, danced to Mariah Carey, Hanson, Switchfoot, Frank Sinatra, and the WICKED soundtrack, went crazy several times from the fumes, giggled without reason, and FINISHED a very big job, despite minor and major setbacks!

If YOU have a crazy remodel story – share it with us!

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