Here I am, feeling a mix of Walden Pond, hippie, gypsy, dusty road, crisp lempira bills, the tantalizing smell of fresh bread baking, disgust with things material, these keys under my fingers, the sunset view from this thatched-covered rooftop.

It’s not supposed to make sense.

Have you ever felt inextricably bound? Have you ever felt you simply couldn’t do without ______ (you fill in the blank) in your life? After a couple days in Copan Ruinas, home of the ancient Mayan civilization, my sleeping philosophy is quite alive. So, here I am on this thatched-covered rooftop, typing away my thoughts on life while the little town buzzes many, each with their own story.

Right now, I’m reading two more Elisabeth Elliot books. The first, “Slow and Certain Light” has been both challenging and punctual. It seems to leaves question marks in my life where I was satisfied with periods. The second, “The Shadow of the Almighty” has left me feeling a bit depressed about the progress of my pilgrim journey. The things Jim Elliot thought about and wrote about make my faith seem very small.

But, the sun is setting now on this little town of Copan and tomorrow I’m going to leave my ‘ruins’ here (get it – Mayan Ruins) and start new.

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