creative problem solving

Chapter 8 in the psychology textbook is on problem solving. The first section is entitled, “Thinking.”

I hope you are at least smiling right now. I have struggled with class management, planning, and discipline, but this I realized quickly:

you can lead a student to learning, but you can’t make him think

I could be the greenest teacher around, but I’m definitely learning that students have to decide for themselves that they want to learn something. So…. I pulled a few tricks out of my very shallow bag and we spent a day doing challenge activities out on the soccer field.

Here are some pictures of the students in the 4 different stations… some of them were still at the “lead a student to learning” stage, but most of them found out you could think AND have fun at the same time. BRILLIANT!

Blindman: Students had to direct a blindfolded classmate through a series of obstacles.

Spider Web – students had to get everyone from one side of the ‘magic’ web to the other … every time they used a portal it could not be used again.

Magic Stick – students had to place both fingers nail side up underneath this stick and simply bring it to the ground … I’ve never heard so many students yell “BAJEN” (lower) so intensely!

Ski Challenge – students had to move the skis as a team in a certain direction.

I’ll write more later… what an exhausting week! There’s more to come and much more to write.

What do you do for problem solving – classroom or otherwise?

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