Thank Goodness It’s Friday

First of all WELCOME BACK Christina – you were greatly missed here at foreignheart (I can tell by the page hits!) and even more so just in conversation. We’ll have to change that soon!

Today, parents came to pick up report cards, ask all sorts of questions, and some to seek advice. Though I encouraged and counseled and advised with a clear voice of confidence, inwardly I wondered how the parents were listening to someone who could be their child too. I guess it struck me as more humorous than anything else.

I am exhausted after a full day and a trip into the city to watch the end of the girls’ soccer game. After the game, some of the students went out to eat with my roommates and me at TGIFridays (I know – of all places, they choose American!). We had so much fun and I kept thinking of ways I could make this happen more often.

It seems like so many obstacles frustrate plans and then we’re convinced the complications aren’t worth the trouble. I’m the kind of person who throws out crazy ideas until I find a winner… and I just haven’t found one that will solve the problem of seeing my students more. We have SUCH an amazing opportunity to support, challenge, and disciple these young people, and all it takes is a little coordination. Unfortunately, I live on a mountain and a lot of my students live up to an hour away and can not drive (nor do I have a car:).

But, aren’t these the kinds of things we believe God for… you know, the little things? I have been so blessed and encouraged this week by the staff community here at ALP. A conversation here and there reminds me that we must be faithful with every blessing we are given and God will bless us beyond our imaginations.

Praise the Lord for His provision. In the midst of whatever you are doing right now – give God praise for who He is and you will be blessed!

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