We Recommend: Six Things You Should Do

Because this has been an exhausting week, I just wanted to make a few recommendations tonight.

1. Listen to Brooke Fraser’s new CD Albertine

2. Ask a 7th grader for advice. Today Rebeca came to me very distraught at a family situation… but at the end of our conversation she was preaching a sermon she didn’t know I needed to hear. Praise God for the way He works through others to encourage and spur us on!

3. Dance. Yes, it’s kind of in my contract… but tonight we had an outreach for students and whenever the gospel song “Lord, You Are Good” comes on, my feet just can’t help it. Praising God always reminds me to praise God… it’s one circular kind of thinking that I don’t mind:)

4. Get phone numbers. Today, I felt like I was in high school again – writing numbers on my hands. But, I’m so excited because I am going to be hanging out with students this weekend.

5. Share your pain. These past two days, I have been open about the pain in my family and my students have been so supportive in prayer.

6. PRAY. Scripture tells us to pray continually… and I know that results are only a bi-product. God wants us to pray continually because that means that we are in communion with Him. There is no better place to be.

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