hearty whole wheat bread, and other things I should do more often

I wasn’t so sure when I started out. All I knew was that I discovered a gem (whole wheat flour) randomly on the shelf at a grocery store and I simply couldn’t let the opportunity pass without a good attempt at homemade bread.

I am good at making excuses. I’m pretty great at it, actually. Homemade bread takes an ENTIRE afternoon – that’s a big chunk of time and I boast a pretty packed schedule. Blah blah blah. But, today, after efforts to meet with students failed, I decided I would put the time to good use. I chose the “hearty whole wheat bread” recipe from the Better Homes and Gardens cookbook my roommate brought back after Christmas. I had to do a few things on the fly after forgetting items and wrestling with the ice cream bucket (still our only bowl big enough to mix in)… but, four hours later the results were remarkable.

I think I could have consumed both loaves if not for the carb-guilt that follows!

I wish you could see the steam coming off these delicious pieces of goodness! And taste the hint of brown sugar in the hearty mixture!

As I was thinking and waiting and grading and punching down dough and thinking and rising and flouring and waiting… I came up with some insight I want to start applying. Nothing new really (is it ever?).

It is simply this:
I’m going to set out to change my should(s) and could(s) to did(s)

Grammatically a mess, I realize, but after watching four hours turn into a glorious creation, I knew there was more to be had than an absolutely fabulous piece of hearty goodness.

I’m very much like my dad in many ways – I laugh a lot, I live for conversation, I like to really know people, I am constantly scheming about the next thing, and


I can easily pass an entire day writing about dreams of what could be and what should be. Dreams are enchanting; in fact, sometimes I would rather live in dreams for the absolute endless possibilities . When it comes down to it (and where my mother is such a great balance for my dad), things just need to get DONE.

Hearty, whole-wheat bread is not an impossible thing. It’s not a dream that can never be realized. On the contrary, in a few short hours, many can be blessed by its goodness. In the same way, there are very practical things that can move from the ‘dreaming‘ category into the ‘done it‘ category.

Let’s see how that works out!

What are things you’d like to move from ‘dreaming’ to ‘done’?

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