A Poem for Monday

Today we return to our school hallways after a craze-filled weekend at the Student Spiritual Retreat at Lago de Yojoa. I don’t know how I am functioning, but praise God I got through my first class this morning and now I’m on to counseling and grading.

I wrote this poem awhile back and I wanted to share it here. Right now it’s especially poignant after returning from such a spiritually climactic and emotional experience … deception comes at us in all sorts of sneaky ways.

at first small and simple,
a careless mistake
committed in ignorance
not a habit to make

but slowly, without warning
our habits do form
and gradually we justify
without intention, we conform

like a bothersome creature
heavy on our backs
it grows only bigger
takes us from the narrow path

neither ignorance now
nor mistake can it pass
we’re stuck wondering how
it happened so fast

with great attention
and certain, steady care
we’re drawn to His side
to find solace there

with not one mention
of our frivolous retreat
we’re wrapped deep in His arms
with love on repeat

Please pray for Christina, as she is on a mission trip to Florida with her high school students! Pray that the group would grow in grace, Truth, and shine as lights for Christ!

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