Multiply Your Love

As I reflect on this past week, I’m reminded of a beautiful story my mom always used to share with me whenever I was frustrated at the idea of our large family. She said, “You know, somebody asked your grandmother one time how she had enough love for all of her eight children. She said something like, ‘I don’t divide my love, it only multiplies.'”

With each passing day, I see another outlet for the love God’s placed inside me… so very many needs meet my heart with the morning. Yet, God has allowed us, in Him, to multiply our love. In His power and for His glory, His love will be multiplied across the earth. Sometimes we can think that His love has limits, that we can max it out and He’ll move on to the next needy soul. But, the depths of God’s love NO ONE can fathom. I think that is just spectacular.

Tonight I was working out here in the compound and this song started playing on my ipod.


Multiply Your love through us, to the lost and the least
Let us be Your healing hands, Your instruments of peace
May our single purpose be, to imitate Your life
Through our simple words and deeds, let love be multiplied

Multiply Your love through me, to someone in need
Help me Lord to freely give, this grace that I’ve received
Let my single purpose be, to imitate Your life
Through my simple words and deeds, let love be multiplied!

Let us see Your kingdom come
To the poor and broken ones
Let us see a mighty flood
Of justice, and mercy, O Jesus
Let love be multiplied

Multiply Your church through us, to the ends of the earth
Where there’s only barrenness, let us see new birth
Use us as Your laborers, working side by side
Let us see your harvest come, let love be multiplied

Today and this week my prayer is that God would multiply His love in us and through us so that it flows out in life-giving ways! Praise God for His unending and unfathomable LOVE!

2 thoughts on “Multiply Your Love

  1. Ok- here’s the real story. You had it almost right. When I was pregnant with Christina (#2), I asked my dear, wise mother-in-law how I could divide my love between my 2 year old son and my new baby when she came. She said to me: “Honey, love does not divide, it multiplies!”Same lesson, even better.

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