80s night and other blessings

Just when you think life is crazy… you know, taking a road trip to El Salvador, trying to work via laptop, attempting to surf, returning to work after a 7 hour bus trip where the border patrol wore masks because of the swine flu scare, dressing up in 80s clothes to laugh a LOT with students I’ve missed, and tonight meeting up with Alexandra for lunch (and random reality video taping) and then more students for a Bible study…

I may not be on top of all the filing and the to-do list might never end, but I can safely say I don’t mind. This is pretty great.

Here are some pictures of recent happenings.

Primmer: roommate, friend, teacher, and wonderful YESman for me. This night it was YES to meeting up with students for sushi. I’m going to miss her next year!

This is the hostel we stayed at in El Salvador at Playa El Tunco. It was a whopping $7/night and was run by this totally chill pro-surfer who went by “minnie mouse.”

80s night! These are some of our girls – we have Honduras, Germany, and Canada all represented… we’re so multi-cultural in our 80s spirit – apparently 80s fashion is worldwide:)

So, afterward we had a sleepover at our apartment and some of the girls wanted to play Truth/Dare (typical high school and I loved it!). So, we dared Kaelynne to dress up in our clothes… and when she came out in all my clothes they told her to act like me. … So she promptly fell on the floor! What a reputation I have!

I started losing it early and the pictures that were taken after 11:30 pm I take no responsibility for – that’s when normal, wise people are in bed!

P.S. Some good books I have been reading/finishing: Letters to Malcom by C.S. Lewis, Two from Galilee (randomly pulled it off our bookshelf a week ago), and The Visitation by Peretti. I recommend them all.

Have a beautiful weekend!

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