questions I would ask someone who knows everything

Here are some questions I’ve accumulated over the past week… you can draw your own conclusions as to why the questions came up at all

Why does El Salvador use US dollars?
Where does culture and tradition escape to when “modern” moves in?
Am I supposed to be a vegetarian?

Why did I hear a rooster today… from a second story house… in the city?
How important is it to be ‘safe’ – will I miss out on awesome opportunities or will I avert crises?
Is Coca-light really any better for me? My friends from high school always used to tell me its rat poison.
Do people really live in this country and not notice it is considered a “developing” country?
Why do I sometimes feel like freedom is tied to a set of wheels when most people in the world don’t dream of owning a car?
Why is it so easy and tempting to escape to the reality hidden in the pages of a novel than face the reality of a morning?
Why did I never know that a cashew is actually a fruit (the nut is on the top of a very bitter fruit that grows on trees)?
Why do I love the distinctive smell of almost rain?

How can I be completely fine talking in Spanish in the city to strangers, but get so nervous when I try to talk to parents?
Why is it such a struggle to feel effective and productive?

Can someone please tell me how to eat a mango without looking like I’ve murdered it afterward?

When you are living most simply, are very simple things an indulgence (like eating very bland foods and a treat would be a little spice)?
Does everyone have wanderlust at 24?

How big can your understanding be of the world? What is the max.?
How can I look back at my journal and feel like I’m reading someone else’s life?

You may be completely confused by this list of random questions, or you may be a bit amused. I wish I could write down every question that pops into my mind. Of course, I would want to delete some right away, but others are real gems and they slip away as quickly as they enter in.

I joked in college about making a special device that I could carry on my hip. It would be some sort of techie gadget that I could use to write with one hand (in a simplified, code language of course) while I walked along. I encountered so many beautiful thoughts just walking about campus, but by the time I got to my destination my mind had jumped to an altogether new place entirely!

Oh, how frustrating brains can be! 🙂

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