running through my mind

1. rooster/dinosaur
So, when we first moved in, we battled the rooster without any sense of time and the squawking macaw birds (who I’ve affectionately re-named birdinosaurus) who have no respect for city ordinances on sound. Some people come to Honduras and pay $10 or $20 to go to look at these Macaw birds… I just step out into my back porch and peep over the fence. Or, actually, better yet – I just sit still for about 17 seconds and then I hear the sound that forces me to wonder if the crazy thing has broken into my house!

2. sand pile
Here’s a little lesson in “the way things are” on the streets of Honduras. A few days ago, Emily and I were on our way home when we turned a familiar corner on a regular, residential street to find an ENORMOUS pile of sand dumped right in the middle of the road. This wasn’t just a bit of sand for a personal project. The road is actually every bit of the construction site. There’s a huge crane parked out there right now that says “BAY CITY” (I wonder how that got here!?) and now this huge sand pile that I prayed the little Honda Civic over. TIH!

3. cereal mixture
I know this is random, but I’m going for it. I like to mix my cereal. It may sound simple, but there’s really quite an art to it. I first started mixing cereal when I lived with my grandparents for the summer. My grandpa is the KING of cereal-mixing – he knows the exact ratio needed to make the perfect bowl every time. I don’t think I’ve mastered the ratios yet, but when I got the boxes I sent on the shipment from the states I was overjoyed to find I sent cereal (it’s really expensive here). Every morning is an adventure and always brings me around to thinking about my grandpa!

4. nesting
I almost am hesitant to use this word with so many LOUD feathery friends nearby, but I think it describes my stage of city living right now pretty well. When I was at home this summer, one of my favorite things to do was just sit outside with my grandparents and watching the birds stop by their backyard. If I was a bird, I would definitely make the Sponslers’ backyard my hangout 🙂 My grandparents love to give a narrative of the lives of these birds as they get their nests ready, tend to the family, and deal with spats over food or territory.

I can picture my grandparents narrating my own comings and goings lately. And I know, just like those silly birds, I am trying to make what was first just empty space into a home, a place where I am settled and productive and adventurous and free. I have picked up very random things for decorations lately. We had a cabinet in our office that was warped so the glass sliding doors on front didn’t work. So, I brought them to my house and hung them on the walls. Emily and I will eventually paint scenes on them for different rooms. Let’s see… I also commandeered several discarded wooden frames from the shop class and those are now on my wall. And, of course, the pictures from my friend Pat are posted in my room (which makes is really feel like home because they’ve followed me since junior year of college). It feels good to make a house a home!

5. card party next door and baleadas
I am slowly getting to know my neighbors and LOVING every single moment! Sometimes we hear trumpets or clarinets. Sometimes we hear people coming in late or getting up early. This is strange, but I really love the sound of the roaming vans with load speakers fastened onto the top because it reminds me of the State Fair. I wake up to that sound and I can’t help the excited feeling rising in my chest… like there are ribbons being won and livestock being shown and sky gliders being ridden. I know, call me crazy, but the memories are so sweet!

So, back to the neighborhood: I think there is a card party or dinner every Monday night because the laughter streaming from my neighbors is becoming quite regular. I love listening to the slow rumble and then building roar after someone tells a joke.

I also recently visited a family from my new church. They gave me a ride after the first prayer meeting and mentioned inviting me over for baleadas sometime, which I would NEVER turn down! So, last Friday Doña Maria called and they picked me up for what I thought would be a short ride around the corner, but we whipped through streets about 15 minutes from where I live. It was quite an experience – all Spanish, all night – but absolutely beautiful.

Believe me, much MUCH more is running through my mind, but this is all the attention I have for now.

Happy Monday!

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