here is the joy

Okay, fine I’ll just tell you. Her name is Alejandra; I know I’ve mentioned her before. In my previous post, “wish words were better” she was the source of my joy. After a whole year of looking way too desperate to be her friend (some would say that my dedication to high school girls is because I’m desperate for friendship), Alejandra blessed me with one of the best conversations so far this year.

And, even better, I am beginning to see more beauty unfolding every day! Alejandra has this mysterious joy about her and she is always ready to bring out smiles and laughter in others. I haven’t figured it out yet, but I also know that there’s a lot brewing on a deeper level. She is a thinker and a questioner and now a pursuer of Christ. I am so proud of her bravery and every bit of her unique spirit. I can see that her pursuit will delight the Lord in so many ways.

She reminds me (in such a beautiful way) that I need to keep fighting… that I need to be sharpened… that I need to be humbled… that I need to be honest… that most of all, I need to be so knee-deep in God’s Word that I’m content not to get out. She reminds me of these things because I want to serve and lead as a sister in Christ in the best way. And I know I can only do that through the power of the Lord.

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