Lost and Found

Over the past week, I have ridden waves of emotions. Today, as I walked to church and home again… as I cleaned my room and quickly dirtied it… as I cooked green beans in the middle of the afternoon and then met up with friends to celebrate a birthday…

Today, I thought about the things I’ve lost and found. I thought, it would only be reasonable to sort these things in my mind in pairs.

1 Lost = 1 Found
So, here’s another list:

Lost: my composure and my determination to “keep it together”
Found: a much needed convo with my mom… well, rather, I talked and she listened and then asked the hardest, best, and only thing I needed to answer, “How is your time with the Lord, sweetie?”

Lost: time for exercise
Found: oh, about 10 pounds 🙂

Lost: (actually I never had) great entertaining/hostess skills
Found: a sincere comfort when the ties of my apron are wrapped around my waist

Lost: the shallow, meaningless talk
Found: (kind of always there) a stronger desire to do/talk about things that really matter

Lost: appetite for gooood, fresh cooking
Found: my lovely green beans take so little time and are SO good

Lost: Dave Ramsey budget
Found: an idea to write to Dave Ramsey so he could write a book entitled, “Financial Peace for unstable missionaries who have unreliable income and mission everywhere.”

Lost: my desire to cover up failures
Found: my desire to be genuine

Lost: desire to clean my room
Found: a strange comfort in my living space reflecting the mess on the inside

Lost: my ability to wear contacts (for now)
Found: possibly allergies or sensitivity to city pollution? AND many complements on my glasses (5 yr. old pair and $12 pair)

Lost: determination to wake up super early on the weekend
Found: dreamy smile at 8 am when I rouse thinking it is 11 am

Lost: quiet times with my Savior
Found: a void only those times can again fill

Please pray this week (if you want) for these things:

  • Giullana Gonzalez and her family
  • Giving all the gifts that need to be given… that God would give me just a beautifully light heart that He can use to shine His light and where He can work out His will
  • Micah Project and my church are hosting a Christmas party on Monday for the street kids – those who are not in the discipleship program and still struggle to survive on the city streets
  • Mission Trip Christmas party on Wednesday… just pray for details and that it would be a time where we can grow together and build stronger community
  • The coordination and distribution on Thursday of 138 Christmas gifts to children in the Amor y Fe y Esperanza school at the garbage dump (the devil is tempting me with stress over this… Tuesday we will check which names have not been covered and fill gifts for them)
  • Friday, I’m picking up a Dallas HS student at the airport who raised $4,000 to buy gifts for kids at the orphanage we will be working with on the mission trip in March. We need lots of prayer to cover her, her mom, the gifts, the transportation, the weekend. We will be delivering the gifts on Saturday and I’m hoping I can get the mission team together.
  • Please just pray that I will be a willing heart this week – for whatever it is that God needs done. Pray I will draw so near to Him to hear His heartbeat for this life and these people and this day.

Thank you and MUCH love.

What I’m Reading: The Singer by Calvin Miller
What I’m Listening to: A Little Bit of Love by Joy Williams, Disappear by Stephen Speaks

2 thoughts on “Lost and Found

  1. Caroline ~ I love the way your mind works, the way your spirit responds and your honesty!! Oh, and I love your transparency! We’ve been studying Revelation…Christ’s message to the Church at Ephesus who had left their first love…verse 5. “Therefore, remember from where you have fallen, and repent and do the deeds you did at first…” Isn’t God’s mercy amazing??

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