i’m sick and so is my mac

So, everyone who doesn’t use a mac will enjoy a romp in my confession:
my macbook is sick.

(laugh if you want, I can’t hear you anyway)

Right now, my macbook is propped open at about a 35 degree angle, with the bottom on my belly, while I recline with my elbows sticking out like a chicken and my hands on the keys. I’m sorry if you can’t picture me. Basically, it’s awkward and not functional, which is why I have been doing very little blogging lately. At work I had to lay my head sideways on my desk to read my emails on friday… so you can imagine this weekend has been a little less electronic.

Which, as it turns out, hasn’t been so bad because I’m as sick if not sicker than my computer. I have a funny throat, nose, ear, tummy, fever, body ache kind of thing going on.

But, these two things I just became more thankful for:
1) the international cleaning standards of franchise fast food restaurant bathrooms
2) pharmacies in third world countries where the little lady behind the counter will diagnose your symptoms and give you some helpful drugs.

are these things good in all cases and causes? no. but today, I was thankful.

Well, I’m thinking about getting a desktop monitor that I can connect to my laptop at least at work. So, I’m not sure how communicative I will be this week.

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