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I finally got rid of my doubting spirit and have again a heart set course for joy. Praise God. I was in a funk and I’m so thankful those don’t last forever! I have to share a wee-little story about my time in funk-city. I was riding the bus down last week, after staying after for Bible study. I sat in the front and let worship songs be an escape for awhile until a student came and sat next to me. She had questions about this and that and finally she asked (could it have been because I was obviously weeping?) me, “what’s up?” I just said I was sad. I was sad about how deceptive life can be and how glittery the world looks and how so many people I love make the wrong choices. I was sad because I couldn’t stop it, but also sad because I knew I wasn’t doing enough. I was just sad.

Then (as if revelations such as these come so quickly and gently) she said, “Well, I bet that’s how God feels when He looks down at us… only magnified.”
………whoooosh. This is the perspective I needed!

Today, please let me hook you up with a few things that are inspiring and interesting and accessible through this little monster called the internet.

Free music by Shaun Groves. I really support the way that this man is going about his ministry through music. Check him out – he’ll give you three songs for free here.

You probably know I just finished Forgotten God by Francis Chan. Well, I didn’t use any of his internet resources for this book (even though I really liked using them when our Bible study read through Crazy Love). But, now I find out that there are some great resources there! Also, I happened upon this “trailer” on vimeo and I think it’s worth checking out. It just might convince you that you should pick up the book too.

Forgotten God Trailer from Jacob Lewis on Vimeo.

Let’s just say you are like my dad and in the car a lot. And let’s also say you wouldn’t mind having something intelligent to listen to (other than, let’s say, radio talk and country music), then you should definitely check this out: Christian audio allows you to download one FREE book each MONTH! That’s right – it’s free! I’m all about getting things for freesies and this month I think it’s a gem, so I’m sharing it with you. It’s a book by Mark Driscoll called, “Religion Saves.”

Download –

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