I’m not writing tonight.

I thought I would accomplish so very much today. Instead of my “accomplished” agenda, I waited. I went to church, read my BRP, listened to more sermons, read articles, talked to my parents, and waited. I had set up a time to hang out with a student… for lunch.

Well, after an afternoon of wondering when “lunch” starts, she arrived at 4:45 pm (good thing I decided to have lunch anyway!). In HER words, not mine, “typical Honduran.” 🙂 She just left and now I want to choose to read instead of write tonight. This has been a truly restful Sabbath (which was what the message was about this morning in church!)… but strangely enough, if I had followed any of my own plans it wouldn’t have turned out the same.
I am reading “Reasons for God” by Timothy Keller. I have always really respected this man and I am excited to read this book as a skeptic might. He wrote it for all those people who have valid questions that need answers. But, and I think this is interesting, he proposes that those who do not believe in God essentially have alternate beliefs about spiritual reality. He goes on to say that in order for these skeptics to have integrity, they must test their beliefs in the same way.
(See this video as an introduction).
Anyway, so I said I wasn’t going to write tonight. I’m off to some reading!
.let love fly like crazy.

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