when I grow older, I will be stronger

If you don’t know that the World Cup is in South Africa this year, you are missing a major excitement-building frenzy around the globe. Let me back up, if you don’t know that there IS a soccer World Cup championship then you need to do a little culture study before reading on (here would work).
I love that I live in a country that becomes so passionate and unified over 11 guys, a rectangular field, and a round ball. I don’t think I necessarily understand it all yet, but I do love seeing the loyalty and excitement that comes with this championship because Honduras was able to come together when so much was falling apart.
When I first heard this song above (one of several for the World Cup), I thought it was catchy. Every time I listen to it I go around humming it until I consciously decide to do otherwise. The rhythm is bumpin’ and the words make you want to love soccer if you don’t already.
So, now is the not-so-popular part.
As I listen to this song, I wonder if it is secular worship music.
Sometimes, it is easy to make fun of the cheesy worship songs with every other line a reference to sin or Jesus or redemption. Maybe they are too predictable, maybe they are “too ideal,” or maybe we just straight up don’t want to worship what the song declares.
So, how are we worshipping? This song just strikes me as a cry out to declare humanity does want unity and joy and peace and love. But, will we find it in a game? Can we worship a game?
I’m merely asking questions at this point, but you can guess where this is going. Really, though, what other worship songs do we sing?
I’m just thinking and I am so tired, so I suppose I’ll just end it here.
Your thoughts are welcome!

3 thoughts on “when I grow older, I will be stronger

  1. We’ve been hearing about the World Cup at our house, thanks to our African sons. But how about the Super Bowl or the NBA Championships? The NCAA finals? The Olympics? Many have likened our sports obsession to a “church”. Oh- that our joyful celebration and worship to God the King of the Universe could be so all-encompassing, so passionate, so loyal.

  2. Yes, mom, you are SO right! We worship all sorts of things! 😦

    and you are right about another thing – the explosion of this song next year in the show choir ranks… that and Glee.
    Urgh. I’m glad I was in show choir when we sang the oldies 🙂

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