I love a crowded kitchen

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As a five-year-old, I remember the kitchen as one of the best places in our whole house. We didn’t have the best layout (our kitchen could fit in some people’s closet space), but that didn’t keep the constant stream of people from laying on the linoleum and crowding the counters and sitting on step stools.

The kitchen was a crowded place where we discussed the events of the day, dreamed about future plans, and practiced reading papers and reciting speeches (okay, so the last was something just I did to my ever-so-patient mother). The kitchen was a place where my brothers and sister and I would gather to taste the simmering spaghetti sauce and find the boldness to ask how much time until dinner made its way to the table.

If I’m honest, our crowded kitchen became no less a hub for activity as we got older. In fact, we might have noticed the crowding even more as we sprawled out on the floor or claimed space atop the counter, next to the bread box. And, if I’m honest, those times spent in the kitchen inspired and challenged and grew in me an appetite for community that I’m hoping is never satisfied.

So, last night, as the girls crowded me with mixers and containers and pizza and spatulas, I delighted.

I love the chatter and laughter and outrageous guesstimations about the amount of fruit needed for our newly invented angel food cake topping recipe. I love the exclamations of pride at the surprisingly good taste of a new creation. I love the huddle that forms in the space that is too small to hold the bodies moving around. I love that a flying elbow or spoon or hot pad holder can make contact at any point with a shoulder or side. I love the hopeful look lingering over a delicious bowl of fruit topping, imploring a sneaky taste of the concoction.

I love it all.

I think I love most that we were created to enjoy community. It was no accident that, when Jesus walked on this earth, He set apart time specifically and intentionally to eat with people. To recline and savor and enjoy food and drink as a way to invest and love the community around Him.

I love a crowded kitchen.
Who is crowding yours today?

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