Please pray – Hurricane Matthew is on the way!

Reports vary, but somewhere between tonight and tomorrow we are supposed to see Hurricane Matthew show up here in Honduras.

Read this report to find out more.

I’m not sure how much longer I will have power, but with the ground already saturated from an unseemly amount of rain during this rainy season, there will surely be flash floods and landslides.

Pray especially for those who have houses on mountains and precarious places… and for those without shelter.

3 thoughts on “Please pray – Hurricane Matthew is on the way!

    1. Mark!
      Good to “virtually” meet you! It’s always good to connect with those who have gone before :)I do know the 10th grader … very, very well in fact! I am so proud of her for being bold. She is a beautiful example of God’s grace!

      I saw you were going to Ecuador soon – may God be with you!

  1. Mr. Bass,
    I am the student who wrote the article. I was wondering if you are the person who i think you are. I actually had a Mrs. Bass as a 1st grade teacher and I was wondering if you are related.
    Also, I am glad you read the article, and I hope you liked it and enjoyed it.

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