with my own two hands

Today is resistant to productivity and accomplishment (I resent that, Tuesday the 19th… just so you know).

In direct rebellion, I’m believing I can do something worthwhile with “my own two hands” … you know, like Ben Harper and Jack Johnson sing about.

If you are a doubting Thomas… let me give you two examples. (Please, just bear with me – this is a very necessary internal Tuesday therapy session).

Example #1 CAR BATTERY
Last Thursday after Bible study stretched from 4 to 5 to 6 pm (to my delight, I might add), one of the girls threw out the idea of sushi. Because we had a track meet the next day, they weren’t going to school and I am always in favor of time spent in fellowship and community (and sushi), I jumped at the chance. Elena, Vivian, and I took off in Louis (my affectionately named 1997 Honda Civic) toward a delicious dinner and we were not disappointed. Disappointment did find us a bit later, though, when I realized I left the lights on and Louis was completely muerto. So, after calling Elena’s dad for jumper cable assistance, and after several failed attempts (where I watched grown men attach the cables backwards), we finally revived Louis.

All the while, I have to tell you, I squeezed every bit of humor out of the situation. It was so comical… the fact that I parked in the worst way for a jump, the fact that the parking lot faced all the restaurant/bars just starting to pick up the night traffic, the fact that these things (without fail) nearly always happen to me, and the fact that merely three days before someone had told me to purchase jumper cables before doing anything else. Well, humor aside, it was another adventure to store away… especially because the next morning, when Louis should have been charged and ready to go, he was muerto once again.

I did what any capable, single lady would do… marched right to the nearest (trustworthy) battery vendor, looked up my make and model in their handy book, and bought a battery. Then, I took out the old and installed the new – with my own two hands.

I had car dirt up to my elbows, but when I finished there was very clear evidence that something was accomplished – bad battery on the ground and good battery in the car. Louis started right up! (And, just in case you are wondering, I picked up jumper cables and emergency kit in the same trip).

Example #2 26 going on 15
You’ve heard of the movie 13 going on 30, right? Well, this past weekend I decided to put my own spin on it, after turning a dreadful 26 years old. I decided I would be 26 going on 15. In a many ways, my body feels 15 and I certainly act like some of my students at times. This weekend, I somehow proved I am neither clearly 26 nor am I still clinging to 15. Starting early Saturday morning, I began prepping for the big night – senior girls coming over to my house for my belated birthday party and sleepover. Cleaning, rearranging, grocery shopping, cooking sticky rice for sushi, baking apples, clearing the living room for the karaoke action, and whipping up some ice cream cone cupcakes…. this completely filled my day until Elena arrived at 5:30 pm.

With my own two hands, it felt good to transform our patio into an oriental escape and watch my normal house turn into a sleepover dream! As the girls came (one by one, Honduran style), we flitted from food to games to karaoke to youtube tutuorials to games to sushi-making to laughter and then everything all over again. I was confident in my 15-year-old body when 3 am came and went and didn’t phase me one bit! And then at 4 am, we were making more sushi rolls in my kitchen!

Then 4:15 hit and my body revolted. I slept fitfully on the tile floor and roused myself for the first one to leave at 7:30 am (yes, it’s true). When I walked the last one home around noon I returned and collapsed on the couch. I thought I would listen to a sermon, which I quickly realized was a really bad idea. Three hours later, I woke up and realized I am definitely every bit of 26 years old. I cleaned, cleaned, and cleaned… with my own two hands I put back together the humpty-dumpty state of my house, overrun by a large group of flailing high school girls.

So, I don’t know if I got to the part about “peace on earth” and “a brighter place” and all those other nice things they talk about in the song, but I did a few things with my hands this weekend and that is giving me consolation for feeling like a bumbling misfit today.

as always,

let LOVE fly like cRaZy

4 thoughts on “with my own two hands

  1. I spent my 23rd-24th years in Honduras. I used to play basketball with my students and other ALP staff for hours. Now at 32, I get hurt every time I play basketball with the church youth group. 🙂

    1. Oh wow! I certainly hope to be playing basketball and rough-housing in 10 years… I guess we just deal with the pain and pretend youth when we have to, eh? 🙂

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