“I know what I’ve got”

When I first heard this phrase, my inspiration was in every way different than what is now holding my heart space.

When I first heard this phrase, I was sitting behind the report card table for parent-teacher conferences, flipping through files and looking for appropriate parental conversation pieces. I mistook the shy spirit of one of my favorite seventh grader’s for nerves and (knowing she had done well) asked her parents if they were worried.

“Of course not. I know what I’ve got,” her mother told me.

I love her sincere confidence… and remembering the little celebration that happened when I handed over the first quarter report card.

tonight, I got nervous. I got a little weepy when I found out my brother was in a serious car accident. Details were scarce and I was feeling the distance. I am completely helpless to do anything… and that frightens me a little.

So, I’m clinging to this phrase from report card night – not because I think my brother is amazing and strong and a fighter (and he is all those things) – but because “I know what I’ve got” in my always victorious Lord. When he said nothing could separate us from the love of Christ (Romans 8), I believe it reaches me just as quickly as it reaches my brother tonight.

If I know the Lord, then I know He is sovereign over even this.

3 thoughts on ““I know what I’ve got”

  1. So glad to hear that.

    And it is nice to read someone blogging from Honduras. My church planted a church there several years ago in a rural town. I had the great privilege of spending a week there two years ago. Hope to get back in the next year or two.

    May the Lord bless you.

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