a few things to make you feel better today

  • I’ve spilled coffee on my floor too many times to count in the last weeks because it gets lost in the crafts (can I also mention that I’ve tried to drink the water holding my brushes? it’s in a mug and clearly too confusing for me to discern drinkable liquid from crafting liquid)
  • My battery talks. No, really… it’s like Herbie’s cousin or son or something. It started last week and even though I’ve changed things and consulted people it still happens. I first noticed the beeping and incessant lock/unlock (no it’s not a daftpunk song reference) last week and annoyingly thought it was my friend’s car. When I finally went out to check, I found the car chirping like a bird and the locks raising up and down. That’s right… “possessed” was the first word that came to my mind too. So, I unhooked the battery and slept soundly and confronted it the next day and the next, when it kept doing the same thing! I felt nervous to go anywhere because my car was basically asking thieves to have good timing because it would OPEN up for them! Every night, I unhooked the battery and every morning I connected it again… until it didn’t start one morning and my very helpful neighbors told me it was because my connection was loose (of course, I thought, I’ve been disconnecting it every night!). So, I got it “fixed” by my friend Don Marcos and thought it was all swell… until today Tara and I went to a store and came back out to find my car unlocked. Super weird!
  • I eat popcorn as a major food group almost as much as I eat chips and salsa. They make up a huge part of my appetite.
  • I sing while running on the treadmill. I’m sure it’s strange for passers-by, but I can’t help it. Sometimes I get really into the music and if the beat hits at the same time as my feet, there is a good chance I’ll close my eyes and mouth a few words. One time I did just that and almost fell right off the end!
  • I write raps when I drive… like out loud. I’m not sure if this will make you feel better today, but I know it would give most of my students “pena jena,” which means they are embarrassed for me. I most definitely make up raps and then sometimes I call people and leave rap messages. I feel clever for a few seconds and then I desperately hope they don’t think I’m a freak… and by then it’s too late.
  • The other day, when talking to one of my UBER-cool friends, she said, “How do you do it?” to which of course I responded, “Do what?” She explained that she thought she was weird, but couldn’t keep it up all the time. Me, on the other hand – I somehow always got my quirks on. It’s true. I wear quirky like it is ALWAYS in style. oops.

Oh, trust me… there are SO many stories. I hope these made you laugh this morning… and also made you thankful you are most definitely more “normal” than me.

let LOVE fly like cRaZy

2 thoughts on “a few things to make you feel better today

  1. lol! your treadmill story cracked me up! i do the same thing! 🙂 well, when i was using it anyway. ive kind of slacked on that right now, so im a loser! haha! but anyway, i love this post! thanks for the smile.

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